MB 4.5 Energizer  $175.

  • 4.5 Joules Output
  • LED Energizer and fence status indicator
  • Large easy to use fence terminals
  • O-Ring sealed enclosure for ant and moisture protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Easy to mount on wall with 2 screws
  • Approved to Canada Safety Standards
  • UV stable enclosure
  • AC Power Adapter (230Vac input - 12Vdc output) for use on mains, and alligator clips for use on a 12V battery. Note the battery is not included.

The JVA MB4.5 Mains/Battery Energizer can run on either a 12V battery or 240Vac. The JVA MB4.5 Mains/Battery Energizer is suitable for moderate to large permanent electric fences, & at 4.5 Joules (peak output energy) it is more than powerful enough for most electric fencing applications.


Parmak Solar Mag 12 Energizer $200

For small to medium-sized fences. Includes a solar panel & internal battery to keep the fence charged & deliver a powerful shock. Advanced, exclusive circuitry with a built-in performance meter. The single crystal solar panel is mounted at the correct angle to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the year. Withstands all elements for years of reliable service. 12-volt gel battery: 1yr warranty. Unit 3 year warranty. Retail $400.
Open Circuit Voltage = 11,000 volts
500 ohm Voltage = 6,100 volts
100 ohm Voltage = 3,100 volts


Ground Plate & Clamp $10

For grounding temporary fences, particularly in areas with difficult ground. For use when the terrain makes it difficult to drive in a ground rod. Buried flat or installed on end. For better grounding, add extra ground rods &/or plates. Easily reused for temporary fences. Retail $23.