Galvanized Stranded Steel Wire $20

Galvanized Stranded Steel Wire is the ideal wire for electric fencing. It's very conductive, minimizing voltage loss, & has a breaking strength of over 450kg (1,000lbs). Stronger than other portable wires & easier to work with than hi-tensile – making it ideal for temporary & permanent fences. Protect high-value attractants & property from bears. Length: 500 ft.  Retail: $40.

  • 5/64” Equivalent 13 Gauge
  • 19 Strands of 25 Gauge

BayGard 4X4 Platinum E-Fence Wire  $20

PVC-coated fiberglass cords provide the strongest wire & tape on the market. Won't sag in hot weather as other brands do. High visibility no matter the season. No Tensioners required. Ideal for several temporary applications: pasture management & rotational grazing. Lightweight & portable for bear fencing or livestock. 200m (656ft) Polywire Spool. Retail $42.


Underground/Hook-Up Wire  $1 / ft

Double insulated, galvanized wire for electric fencing hookups, underground & electrical connections. Prevents voltage loss with the double insulated wire design. Rated for up to 20,000v.


Small Wire Rope Gripple  $1.00
For Galvanized Steel Cable. Create quick connections & tension with this simple tool by hand. Designed for quick tie-offs & slicing of stranded wire cable. Reusable, doesn't require tools & easily tension wire. Optional Gripple Tensioning Tool helps tension on long runs.


Medium Wire Rope Gripple  $1.00
For use with Hi-Tensile Wire. Join, secure & tighten wire in seconds. Quickly & create connections by hand. Saves time, effort & is reusable. For quick tie-offs & slicing of stranded wire cable. Use Gripple Tensioning tool to tighten the wire.


Gripple Tensioning Tool  - free rental -
Tension fence wires with this tool. Quick & easy. Tight wires are essential to stop bears. Tension separates fur allowing shock to the hide. Tension up to 400kg (800lbs) with 6:1 gear drive & mechanical advantage. Durable, hardened steel & engineering-grade polymer. Retail $95.

Watch a product specialist guide you through the basics of using a Gripple Torque Tool.